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Location Change for February 2019 Zoning Meeting


Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Join us for our monthly Zoning Committee meeting tonight, Wednesday, February 20th, 6:30-7:30PM at Reed Street Apartments on the corner of 16th and Reed. (Moved from our usual location at DiSilvestro Rec Center.) Don't let the snow stop you!

The agenda is below:

  • 1730 Wharton Street  - application is for ten (10) family dwelling in an existing structure
  • 1526 Manton Street - for the erection of a 3rd floor addition, a rear addition, 2 roof decks and a roof deck access structure on an existing attached structure; single family home
  • 1735 Federal Street – for a rear addition and a third story addition, one (1) roof deck and one (1) roof deck access structure to an existing two (2) story attached structure; for use as a two (2) family dwelling.
  • 1726 Reed Street – erection of a two (2) story rear addition to an existing two (2) story attached masonry structure 

** EPBN's Planning & Zoning Meetings are regularly held on the THIRD Wednesday of each month at DISILVESTRO REC CENTER **

As always, check the calendar on our website for all EPBN meetings and events as well as events that are of interest to our neighborhood. If you have any events that you would like us to consider adding to the calendar, please feel free to email us.

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How is City Government Planning to Make Streets Safer?

Did you know that Washington Avenue, South Broad Street, and West Passyunk Avenue are all a part of Philadelphia's High Injury Network? (See map below.) To follow up a presentation from the City's Vision Zero & Neighborhood Programs Coordinator Charlotte Castle at our General Meeting, here are some resources from Vision Zero.


  • The High Injury Network are the 12% of streets on which 50% of crashes resulting in death/severe injury occurred. Check out High Injury Network Map.
  • Additional Resources (http://visionzerophl.com/resources)
    • Vision Zero Fact Sheet
    • Citywide Fact Sheet
    • High Injury Network PDF
    • Vision Zero presentation
    • Vision Zero post cards
    • Vision Zero social media toolkit

 High Injury Network EPBN


EPBN Public Zoning Meeting Wednesday

Please join us for our monthly zoning meeting Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 6:30pm at South Philadelphia Branch of the Free Library (1700 S Broad St). We will be hearing zoning presentations for seven properties. Details below.

  1. 1506 Manton Street - application for the erection of an addition on an existing attached structure to include roof deck and access pilot house for the existing use of a single household living unit. Refused for lack of open area.
  2. 1848 S. 16th Street – application for multi-family (4 units) household living within attached structure. Refused for the number of units and lack of commercial.
  3. 1313 S. Bouvier Street – for the erection of third floor, rear and roof deck with pilot house; additions to an existing attached building. For use as a single family home. Refused for lack of open area.
  4. 1441, 1443, and 1445 Colorado Street - for the erection of an attached structure with roof access structure for use as a single family household living and roof deck. Refused for lack of open area.

Please join us, this meeting (and all of our zoning meetings) are open to the public.


EPBN June Monthly Zoning Meeting Tomorrow Evening

Tomorrow night please join us for the monthly EPBN public zoning meeting at Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments (16th and Reed Street) at 6:30pm.

We will be hearing:

  • 1413 S. Bouvier: Proposal for single-family home.  Refusal  for minimum required open space.  Required: 201 s.f. / 30%; proposed: 126 s.f. / 18.8%.
  • 1542 S. Bouvier: Proposal for single-family home.  Refusal  for minimum required open space.  Required: 201 s.f. / 30%; proposed: 126 s.f. / 18.8%.
  • 1419 Moore: Proposal for multi-family home.  Refusal for multi-family (3 units) and because the multi-family triggered a requirement for an accessory parking spot, none is proposed.

Tonight's Zoning Meeting Cancelled

Tonight's zoning meeting, which was scheduled for 6:30pm at Reed Street Apartments, has been cancelled because the applicant has asked for a postponement. Our next meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 13th at 6:30pm at Reed Street Apartments.


EPBN March 2017 Zoning Meeting

Please join us for our monthly public zoning meeting tonight (Monday, March 20th, 2017) at Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments (16th & Reed) at 6:30pm. We will hear proposals from the following properties:

  • 1530 S. Bouvier Street
  • 1422 S. Colorado Street
  • 1433 Federal Street