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Help With the G.W. Childs School Claymobile Project March 1st, 4th, 5th, and 7th

The teachers and students at G.W. Childs School are inviting the community to come help add to the One Love Garden by creating tile art:

Please join us for the G.W. Childs School Claymobile Project!

Students will be making their own original ceramic tiles for the One Love Community Garden!  Everyone in the community is invited to join in.  Teachers will be present at all times.

Held at G. W. Childs School

March 1st, 4th, 5th, and 7th
Morning (9am-11am) and afternoon (12pm-2pm) sessions are open

For more information or to sign up, please contact Ms. Maria Pandolfi.


Help Support G. W. Childs Elementary - Donate To The One Love Garden or Attend N.I.C.E. Meeting Dec 6

Looking for a way to support your local elementary school?  G.W. Childs Elementary at 15th and Wharton is raising funds to continue growing the One Love Garden, building on the themes of peace and unity.  Dean of Students Maria Pandolfi is working to turn the green space of the Childs' playground into both flower and vegetable gardens incorporating beautiful mosaic murals and sculptures created by the students from Childs School and members of the neighborhood.  For more information, contact Maria Pandolfi.

Donate to the One Love Garden project through Kickstarter!

Or, consider giving your time — at 7pm on Thurday, December 6th, Neighbors Investing in Childs Elementary (N.I.C.E.) will be meeting to discuss a strategy for moving forward, classroom observations, the library fundraiser, and more!  For location and other information, please contact Megan Rosenbach.


Love Your School Garden!

Childs Elementary School

Saturday, May 12th - 10am-2pm
Childs Elementary School, 15th and Wharton

Join your neighbors, friends, and students of Childs Elementary School this Saturday as we clean and green their garden and parking lot behind the school.  If you have any seeds or seedlings you want to donate or swap with your neighbors, bring them too!

Newbold Neighbors will be lending cleaning supplies (gloves, brooms, shovels, and rakes) and giving away bags to anyone interested in sweeping their blocks.  Tools are due back to the school by 1pm.  Don't forget to put all trash bags on the nearest corner for the Streets Department to pick up!


Two Upcoming Events at Childs Elementary School

Thursday, March 15th
Teatime for parents and prospective parents to learn more about Childs Elementary, hear from teachers who send their own children to the school, meet the principal, and more!
Location: Childs Elementary, 1599 S. 16th St (Corner of 16th and Wharton)
Time: 7-9pm
For more info, contact Maria Pandolfi by email

Thursday, April 12th
Youth Art Show, focusing on tolerance and featuring works of art from Childs Elementary students.  All proceeds will go to the art program at Childs.
Location: 1125 S. Broad St, 2nd floor (Circle of Hope door)
Time: 6-8pm
For more info, contact Megan Rosenbach by email