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Beautification February Meeting Minutes

Even though its cold and snowy out, there's plenty of Spring planning going on!

We heard back from PHS, who declined our grant proposal for Dickinson Grove. They couldn't cite specific reasons, but one of the general reasons they gave for approving grants was that the land was owned or permission had been granted by the property owner...obviously neither of which we have since the owner is dead!
This doesn't mean we'll stop beautifying the space, but we'll do some smaller projects.

City wide clean up: 4/11 @9am - more info to come

Spring street tree planting - 4/25
Fall street tree apps due - 5/3

Idea Retreat - We're hoping to gather your ideas to better the neighborhood and implement as many as possible! We're hoping to gather ideas from the public starting in March and will keep you updated as logistics fall into place.

Christmas tree recycling: We donated a couple hours one cold January day along with four other partner RCO's and earned us $347.60!! This was SUPER easy, I'm excited to join the group again on 1/9/16!

Yard Trees? The same group of civics (Columbus Park, LoMo, EPX and PSCA) invited us to be involved with a yard tree give away, we voted that yes, we will volunteer at and promote the event. This is typically the 2nd weekend in April...the same weekend as the clean up for those of you still reading..so we're hopeful that they'll change the date...but regardless, if we get 3 volunteers, it'll be one hour out of your clean up time. NBD.

This meeting marks my last meeting as co-chair for this committee and I couldn't have asked for better friends to work beside this past year. THANK YOU!

See you at the election meeting on Tuesday 2/24 at 630pm at Reed St. Presby!


May 2012 General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

  1. Call to Order
  1. Introductions 
    1. Community Outreach Chair, Jen Devor, led the group in introductions.
  2. Adoption of Agenda
    1. Agenda was adopted.
  3. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes 
    1. Tabled until next meeting.
  4. Guests
    1. Anne Lynn, Bed bugs PSA 
      1. Bedbugs thrive in dense urban areas, and feed on warm blooded animals and humans. Has been a great increase in Philadelphia area. Look for black spots in the creases of mattresses or on sheets. Also check sheets for blood spots. If you have an infestation, do not spray your home with chemicals. It is best to use heat to kill the bed bugs, or food-grade Diomtomaceous earth to treat the infestation.
    2. PAWS
      1. PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) is offering low cost spay and neuter clinic for pets in our area. Clinic is located at 2900 Greys Ferry Avenue. Residents can have animals spayed and neutered for free. Can bring stray pets in to get fixed as well, but need to have proof of low income status. Also do adoptions, and provide low cost health services out of the same location.
  5. Officer Reports
    1. Treasurer
      1. $1,086 in garden account. $1,548 in NNA general fund. Still have to pay the water bill at the garden and the invoice for the NNA postcards. Mary filed for an extension with the IRS for our 2011 990. 
    2. President
      1. Our secretary is taking a temporary leave of office. If anyone is interested in helping out with the secretarial duties, please let Andrew know. We could use help with putting together the weekly newsletter and taking minutes at meetings. Reminder that June’s monthly meeting will be on a Wednesday, not Tuesday.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Cleaning & Greening
      1. We worked on Child’s School as part of Love Your Park day, building raised beds and planting flowers. About 50 students and residents came out to help. We are still in need of soil for a couple of the raised beds, if anyone can help out with that, please let us know. Next clean up will be on June 30th. The location has not been determined. Residents are encouraged to clean their own blocks or problem lots in their area. Next Clean & Green meeting will be on June 4th at 6pm at DiSilvestro. Next pruning date will be on the last Saturday of the month, details to follow. Tree apps for next Spring are due as soon as possible. Please remember to notify us about any dead trees so that we can get them replaced. We are staring a new project with neighboring civics to do outreach to businesses regarding trash around their businesses. The streets department will be enforcing laws currently on the books and the initiative is designed to help owners avoid fines and penalties, and help incentivize residents to frequent stores that are in compliance with the law. In the next two weeks, we will be approaching every business in the area.
    2. Fundraising and Events
      1. The fundraising committee is working on a campaign to raise money to get Big Belly trash and recycling bins to our neighborhood. The goal is to bring 6-8 bins to the neighborhood and the committee has raised about $800 to date. Households are encouraged to give a gift of $50, but no donation is too small. The committee is sponsoring a “bring your own” BBQ Big Belly BBQ event to help raise funds for the Big Belly campaign. More information to follow.
    3. Town Watch
      1. At the most recent PSA meeting, the police reported that homicides and aggravated assaults in our area are down, and burglaries are up. Please remember to keep windows and doors locked (especially those on the first floor), and avoid placing window air conditioning units in first floor windows. If you do have an AC unit in a downstairs window, be sure to bolt it in securely. Please check the NNA calendar for the next PSA meeting dates, they are the most efficient way to have crime issues addressed.
    4. Planning & Zoning
      1. Since last month, NNA has submitted four letters to the ZBA based on our community meetings. 1715 McKean Street, approved modification of interior to outfit a daycare center. 1812 S. Bancroft Street, approved addition to rear of the home with written consent of the immediate neighbors. 1241 S. 15th Street, opposed application to convert single family dwelling to duplex. Owners did not attend the meeting. 1801 S. Chadwick Street, supported the owner’s pursuit of a restaurant in the space but needed to address the fire exit. SP HOMES will hear 2061 Tasker Street at their next meeting, first Monday of the month at 6pm. Anyone interested in that property is encouraged to attend. Next meeting is June 21 at 6:30 at the Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments. Our application to become a RCO is finished and will be submitted soon.
    5. Community Outreach
      1. NNA is conducting a quality of life survey to help the organization create programming and initiatives for our neighborhood. Tivoni is working on a strategic plan for NNA. Goals and objectives are not set, and residents who have input are encouraged to email Tivoni to add their suggestions and ideas. Next Community Outreach meeting is June 13 at 6pm at Chew playground (weather permitting).
  7. New Business
    1. No new business.
  8. Adjourn

April 2012 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

Wednesday, April 24, 2012

  1. Call to Order
  2. Adoption of Agenda
    1. Motion: Becky Marx, Seconded: Tivoni Devor
  3. Reading and Approval of Minutes
    1. Tabling to next meeting
  4. Special Guests
    1. Energy Co-op
      1. Member owned energy co-op
      2. Started by Weavers Way
      3. Oil and electricity
      4. Generated sustainably
      5. If you’re going to switch, choose a green energy product
      6. Do your homework and find out the source
        1. Is it 100% renewable?
        2. Where is it produce?
      7. Green powers campaign
        1. Philly competing against other communities so we can be #1 green energy buyer
    2. Zipcar
      1. The two locations at DiSilvestro – no official ordinance
      2. Looking for support to maintain DiSilvestro for car sharing
      3. Tivoni – can we look into adding new locations?
      4. Some suggestions made for the funeral home at Broad and Reed
      5. Vote taken
        1. No objections
    3. South Philly Food Co-op
      1. Event this Saturday 1 – 4pm at Passyunk Gardens Passyunk and Wharton
  5. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice President
      1. Working on neighborhood plan
    3. Secretary
      1. Sign in
      2. Facebook/Twitter
      3. PEP Plant Sale
    4. Treasurer - NA
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Cleaning
      1. Cleanup a big success
        1. Over 50 volunteers
        2. Volunteers from Childs School
        3. Focus on DiSilvestro, but lots of other blocks cleaned as well
      2. Tree Pruning last weekend
        1. Small group went out pruning and mulching
        2. Planning on doing more throughout the spring
      3. Next Meeting 5/7
      4. Love your Park 5/12
        1. Park at Childs School
        2. “One Love Garden”
        3. Looking for plant donations and food donations
      5. Bandit Sign Project
    2. Greening
      1. Next Meeting 5/7
      2. Cleaning and Pruning 5/12
    3. Community Outreach
      1. Next Meeting Wednesday, May 9
        1. 6pm at DiSilvestro
      2. Forming a street team to flier, etc.
      3. Survey launched today
        1. Measuring quality of life
        2. Paper distribution site too
        3. Library, rec center, etc.
      4. Facebook Group
        1. Keep it neighborly
        2. Vote – leave as is or delete offensive or solicitation
      5. Neighborhood Survey
      6. Submit your neighborhood photos
    4. Fundraising
      1. Big Belly Anti-Litter Campaign
        1. WePay to collect funds online
        2. Found online under Clean Committee
        3. Raised $280 so far
        4. Asking folks to consider a donation of $50
        5. Going to next C&G Meeting
        6. Met with SOSNA
        7. Work with schools to educate
        8. A few great programs in place
        9. Determine locations
        10. Then great sponsors – businesses
      2. Bowling Night – Saturday, April 28th
        1. At PEP 7 – 11 pm
        2. $27
        3. Tickets online or at Circles
        4. Tickets at the door
        5. Check or credit card
        6. DJ, pizza, beer, cupcakes, bowling and shoes included
    5. Town Watch
      1. Home Safety Workshop – May 1st
        1. 5:30pm
        2. Guests
          1. Lowes
          2. 17th District
          3. Home Owners insurance
          4. Wireless cameras
        3. Raffle prizes
      2. PSA Meeting
        1. Very informative and great information
        2. ATV and dirt bikes discussed
          1. The only way they can be confiscated if stopped and someone is with the bike
          2. Police looking for creative ways to catch them without chasing them
          3. Testing pilots in upcoming weeks
        3. Eyes & Ears/ 311 Walks
    6. Planning & Zoning
      1. Next meeting – April 26th
        1. Rehearing 1300-1302 S. 18th Street
        2. Rehearing 1120-1122 S. 15th Street
      2. May 17th
        1. 1801 S. Chadwick
          1. Takeout and backyard
      3. Recap of last meeting
        1. 15XX Morris
          1. Legalize existing three-family dwelling
          2. Community support in favor
        2. 1525 Reed
          1. Approved
        3. 1540 Wharton
          1. Approved to legalize sign
          2. Approved application to serve food
          3. Asked to participate in UnLitterUs and maintain a trash can during business hours
        4. 1523 S. 15th Street
          1. One room to be used for massage business
          2. Approved
          3. Sign without logo or graphic approved
        5. 1300-1302 S. 18th Street (18th/Wharton)
          1. Asked the applicant to come back due to the meeting running late and wasn’t prepared
          2. Postponement requested to ZBA
        6. Reading of the specific meeting
        7. Suggestion to hear controversial properties with immediate neighbors ahead of time
  7. New Business
  8. Adjourn
    1. Motion: Becky Marx, Seconded: Maria Pandolfi

February 2012 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

Wednesday, February 28, 2012


  1. Call to Order
  2. Adoption of Agenda
    • Hannah
    • Mary
  3. Reading and Approval of Minutes
    • Aaron Ritz
    • Mary
  4. Officer Reports
    • President
      1. Next Meeting :  March 27th
    • Vice President
      1. Changes to the by-laws
        1. It’s been three months
        2. Jim motioned to vote at the next meeting
    • Secretary
      1. Signing in
      2. Facebook and Twitter
    • Treasurer
      1. $390 from the garden
      2. Received a check for $250 for Christmas tree recycling
      3. Still waiting for bill from water department
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Cleaning
      • Spring Cleanup Saturday, April 14th
        1. Citywide cleanup
        2. NNA will be hosting a central location
          1. Hoping for recycling bins, brooms and etc.
          2. Will be back at DiSilvestro
      • Adopt a Lot Program
        1. Take photos of a vacant lot near you
        2. Document photos
        3. City will provide support
        4. At the end of the year, there will be an award TBA
      • Clean & Green Meeting at March 5th at 6pm
        1. Location TBA (either Brew or a private residence)
      • Tree Planting
        1. Saturday, April 21st
      • Please notify us or PHS of any “recently” dead trees
        1. PHS will replace
    2. Community Outreach
    3. Fundraising
    4. Town Watch
      • Tuesday, May 1 Home Safety Workshop
        1. Several vendors will be here to share information on home security
        2. Please contact Becky if you have information to safe
      • PSA meeting at all posted on the calendar (on the website)
      • New section on the website for Town Watch Walks
        1. Quality of Life issues
          1. More 311 type issues
          2. 2nd Monday of month
        2. Eyes and Ears Walks
          1. 2nd Mondays and 4th Thursday
          2. Reporting suspicious behavior
          3. Working with the police department those nights
    5. Planning & Zoning
      • Thank you for everyone who came out to last meeting
        1. 35 people came out
        2. Trash, blight and taxes
        3. Call for education on property tax reform
        4. Healthy debate and eye opening conversation
      • Meeting with Jennifer Barr, PCPC, this week
        1. Recommended that we take an advisory position
      • Applying to become an RCO, registered community organization
        1. Other neighborhood groups are planning to apply
          1. SPHINC, PB Pioneers, Diversified Community Services
      • Met with Cheryl Weiss with Diversified Community Services
        1. They are spending a lot of money to address gentrification in the community
        2. DCS mistook that NNA was affiliated with NCA and NCDC
          1. Hannah clarified
      • Group conversation about the history of existing boundaries
      • Next Committee Meeting
        1. Thursday, March 29th, 6:30 Reed Street Apartments (16th/Reed)
        2. Reading the following
          1. 1800 Reed Street
            1. Vacant lot to triplex
          2. 1525 Reed
            1. Addition to single family
          3. 1118 S. 18th Street
            1. Community Church
          4. 1540 Wharton
            1. Legalize deli, take out and signage on three faces, existing apartments
      • ZBA Heard 1848 S. 16th
        1. Was heard last week
        2. NNA made recommendations
  1. New Business
    • Elections
    • Childs School Tea Party
    • Christy update on the ReNewbold event that happened earlier tonight
      1. Got contact information from Post Green regarding construction
    • Megan from 1500 block of 15th Street
      1. Youth Art Show 4/12
      2. Greater Center City Neighborhood Schools Coalition
  2. Adjourn