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Beautification in 2014, By the Numbers

2014 was a successful year for the Beautification Committee, chaired by Jesse Leonard and Joe Suchma. Here's 2014 by the numbers:

  • Ten - the number of active, engaged members we've grow to in the beautification committee, from two at the begnning of the year
  • Zero - how many community maintained and sustained green spaces we started with, and now we're up to three! (15th & Dickinson, 17th & Tasker, 17th and Latona)
  • 25 - the number of recycling bins distributed by NNA this year 50 - no-circular stickers distributed (all we had!)
  • 28 - blocks involved in the neighborhood that participated in April's city-wide cleanup
  • Over 20 - other blocks that received cleaning materials (brooms, bags, gloves, etc) from NNA throughout the year
  • Ten - number of neighborhood walks co-hosted with the Public Safety committee, where we reported numerous quality of life violations through 311
  • Six (at least) - number of other neighborhood groups NNA has worked with throughout 2014 (NCA, Child's School, NICE, PMC, LoMo, PHS, etc.)
  • Ten - number of trees planted by our volunteers Tons - number of trees we've prunced throughout the neighborhood
  • Six - number of pumpkins carved by the committee for the Annual NNA Beer Tour