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Beautification February Meeting Minutes

Even though its cold and snowy out, there's plenty of Spring planning going on!

We heard back from PHS, who declined our grant proposal for Dickinson Grove. They couldn't cite specific reasons, but one of the general reasons they gave for approving grants was that the land was owned or permission had been granted by the property owner...obviously neither of which we have since the owner is dead!
This doesn't mean we'll stop beautifying the space, but we'll do some smaller projects.

City wide clean up: 4/11 @9am - more info to come

Spring street tree planting - 4/25
Fall street tree apps due - 5/3

Idea Retreat - We're hoping to gather your ideas to better the neighborhood and implement as many as possible! We're hoping to gather ideas from the public starting in March and will keep you updated as logistics fall into place.

Christmas tree recycling: We donated a couple hours one cold January day along with four other partner RCO's and earned us $347.60!! This was SUPER easy, I'm excited to join the group again on 1/9/16!

Yard Trees? The same group of civics (Columbus Park, LoMo, EPX and PSCA) invited us to be involved with a yard tree give away, we voted that yes, we will volunteer at and promote the event. This is typically the 2nd weekend in April...the same weekend as the clean up for those of you still reading..so we're hopeful that they'll change the date...but regardless, if we get 3 volunteers, it'll be one hour out of your clean up time. NBD.

This meeting marks my last meeting as co-chair for this committee and I couldn't have asked for better friends to work beside this past year. THANK YOU!

See you at the election meeting on Tuesday 2/24 at 630pm at Reed St. Presby!


Beautification in 2014, By the Numbers

2014 was a successful year for the Beautification Committee, chaired by Jesse Leonard and Joe Suchma. Here's 2014 by the numbers:

  • Ten - the number of active, engaged members we've grow to in the beautification committee, from two at the begnning of the year
  • Zero - how many community maintained and sustained green spaces we started with, and now we're up to three! (15th & Dickinson, 17th & Tasker, 17th and Latona)
  • 25 - the number of recycling bins distributed by NNA this year 50 - no-circular stickers distributed (all we had!)
  • 28 - blocks involved in the neighborhood that participated in April's city-wide cleanup
  • Over 20 - other blocks that received cleaning materials (brooms, bags, gloves, etc) from NNA throughout the year
  • Ten - number of neighborhood walks co-hosted with the Public Safety committee, where we reported numerous quality of life violations through 311
  • Six (at least) - number of other neighborhood groups NNA has worked with throughout 2014 (NCA, Child's School, NICE, PMC, LoMo, PHS, etc.)
  • Ten - number of trees planted by our volunteers Tons - number of trees we've prunced throughout the neighborhood
  • Six - number of pumpkins carved by the committee for the Annual NNA Beer Tour