EPBN Public Zoning Meeting Wednesday

Please join us for our monthly zoning meeting Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 6:30pm at South Philadelphia Branch of the Free Library (1700 S Broad St). We will be hearing zoning presentations for seven properties. Details below.

  1. 1506 Manton Street - application for the erection of an addition on an existing attached structure to include roof deck and access pilot house for the existing use of a single household living unit. Refused for lack of open area.
  2. 1848 S. 16th Street – application for multi-family (4 units) household living within attached structure. Refused for the number of units and lack of commercial.
  3. 1313 S. Bouvier Street – for the erection of third floor, rear and roof deck with pilot house; additions to an existing attached building. For use as a single family home. Refused for lack of open area.
  4. 1441, 1443, and 1445 Colorado Street - for the erection of an attached structure with roof access structure for use as a single family household living and roof deck. Refused for lack of open area.

Please join us, this meeting (and all of our zoning meetings) are open to the public.

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