PWD Rain Check Workshop at Broad & Federal on Thursday!

East Point Breeze Neighbors is excited to host our very own Rain Check Workshop, in partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department and the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. Rain Check is a program that provides subsidies to homeowners for stormwater management initiatives such as:

- FREE Rain Barrels and installation
- Downspout Planters
- Rain Gardens
- Backyard concrete removal and the installation of permeable pavers

In order to qualify for city susbidy, you MUST attend a (rather fascinating and interesting!) Rain Check workshop. Conveniently, we have one scheduled in Point Breeze this Thursday, October 5th, 2017 at PEP (Broad and Federal) at 7pm. Visit this website to sign up:

Thank you to Programs Employing People for allowing us to use their space for this event!

Questions? Contact our Clean & Green Co-chairs at

PWD Rain Check Examples

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