August Public Zoning Meeting

August 2013 Zoning Meeting

Join NNA’s Planning & Zoning Committee for

a voting meeting to gather feedback from the

community about the following applications



1226 S 18th St – Application is for the demolition of existing structure and erection of 3 story attached structure with roof deck for use as a 2-family dwelling.  Refusal is for open area, rear yard depth, and 2-family is not allowed in zoning district. 


1221 S 18th St – Application is for a proposed daycare center on 1st floor with existing 4-family dwelling in existing structure.  Refusal is because a daycare center is not permitted in zoning district.


1307-31 S Chadwick St– Application is for 12 proposed single family homes on 13 lots.  Refusal is for lot size, lot width, 2nd/3rd floor setbacks, and open area.   

Thursday, August 22nd 6:30 PM at Reed Street Presbyterian Apartments

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