February 2012 General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting

Wednesday, February 28, 2012


  1. Call to Order
  2. Adoption of Agenda
    • Hannah
    • Mary
  3. Reading and Approval of Minutes
    • Aaron Ritz
    • Mary
  4. Officer Reports
    • President
      1. Next Meeting :  March 27th
    • Vice President
      1. Changes to the by-laws
        1. It’s been three months
        2. Jim motioned to vote at the next meeting
    • Secretary
      1. Signing in
      2. Facebook and Twitter
    • Treasurer
      1. $390 from the garden
      2. Received a check for $250 for Christmas tree recycling
      3. Still waiting for bill from water department
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Cleaning
      • Spring Cleanup Saturday, April 14th
        1. Citywide cleanup
        2. NNA will be hosting a central location
          1. Hoping for recycling bins, brooms and etc.
          2. Will be back at DiSilvestro
      • Adopt a Lot Program
        1. Take photos of a vacant lot near you
        2. Document photos
        3. City will provide support
        4. At the end of the year, there will be an award TBA
      • Clean & Green Meeting at March 5th at 6pm
        1. Location TBA (either Brew or a private residence)
      • Tree Planting
        1. Saturday, April 21st
      • Please notify us or PHS of any “recently” dead trees
        1. PHS will replace
    2. Community Outreach
    3. Fundraising
    4. Town Watch
      • Tuesday, May 1 Home Safety Workshop
        1. Several vendors will be here to share information on home security
        2. Please contact Becky if you have information to safe
      • PSA meeting at all posted on the calendar (on the website)
      • New section on the website for Town Watch Walks
        1. Quality of Life issues
          1. More 311 type issues
          2. 2nd Monday of month
        2. Eyes and Ears Walks
          1. 2nd Mondays and 4th Thursday
          2. Reporting suspicious behavior
          3. Working with the police department those nights
    5. Planning & Zoning
      • Thank you for everyone who came out to last meeting
        1. 35 people came out
        2. Trash, blight and taxes
        3. Call for education on property tax reform
        4. Healthy debate and eye opening conversation
      • Meeting with Jennifer Barr, PCPC, this week
        1. Recommended that we take an advisory position
      • Applying to become an RCO, registered community organization
        1. Other neighborhood groups are planning to apply
          1. SPHINC, PB Pioneers, Diversified Community Services
      • Met with Cheryl Weiss with Diversified Community Services
        1. They are spending a lot of money to address gentrification in the community
        2. DCS mistook that NNA was affiliated with NCA and NCDC
          1. Hannah clarified
      • Group conversation about the history of existing boundaries
      • Next Committee Meeting
        1. Thursday, March 29th, 6:30 Reed Street Apartments (16th/Reed)
        2. Reading the following
          1. 1800 Reed Street
            1. Vacant lot to triplex
          2. 1525 Reed
            1. Addition to single family
          3. 1118 S. 18th Street
            1. Community Church
          4. 1540 Wharton
            1. Legalize deli, take out and signage on three faces, existing apartments
      • ZBA Heard 1848 S. 16th
        1. Was heard last week
        2. NNA made recommendations
  1. New Business
    • Elections
    • Childs School Tea Party
    • Christy update on the ReNewbold event that happened earlier tonight
      1. Got contact information from Post Green regarding construction
    • Megan from 1500 block of 15th Street
      1. Youth Art Show 4/12
      2. Greater Center City Neighborhood Schools Coalition
  2. Adjourn
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