Help Support G. W. Childs Elementary - Donate To The One Love Garden or Attend N.I.C.E. Meeting Dec 6

Looking for a way to support your local elementary school?  G.W. Childs Elementary at 15th and Wharton is raising funds to continue growing the One Love Garden, building on the themes of peace and unity.  Dean of Students Maria Pandolfi is working to turn the green space of the Childs' playground into both flower and vegetable gardens incorporating beautiful mosaic murals and sculptures created by the students from Childs School and members of the neighborhood.  For more information, contact Maria Pandolfi.

Donate to the One Love Garden project through Kickstarter!

Or, consider giving your time — at 7pm on Thurday, December 6th, Neighbors Investing in Childs Elementary (N.I.C.E.) will be meeting to discuss a strategy for moving forward, classroom observations, the library fundraiser, and more!  For location and other information, please contact Megan Rosenbach.

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