Updates on the Point Breeze Land Bill (Bill No. 120755)

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson's office has released additional information related to the bill to acquire a number of delinquent and blighted properties for the creation of moderate-income housing.

The document states that of the 93 properties initially identified for possible inclusion, the bill submitted in September had narrowed the list to 43.  This total has since been further reduced to 19 properties through contact with property owners to have their properties removed from the list.  The 19 remaining are all vacant, and represent over $50,000 in deliquent taxes and almost $170,000 in leins.

Read the memorandum here

It's a good read, and answers many of the questions that opponents of the bill have taken issue with.

If you have questions regarding the bill or would like to make your opinion known, you are encouraged to contact the Councilman's office by:

phone: 215.688.3412
email: kenyatta.johnson@phila.gov
or in person at City Hall Room 580

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